With over 369 units to choose from (including nearly 100 townhomes), Nunastar has what you’re looking for.  Let us help you find the right home – and the ideal location at Astro Hill, in the heart of Iqaluit.

Comfort, Location and Security: The Nunastar Advantage


Comfort: Among Nunastar’s selection of rental properties, you will find some of Iqaluit’s newest and most modern apartments and suites offering the best views of Koojesse Inlet on Frobisher Bay, spacious family-sized townhomes, budget-conscious layouts and even pet-friendly units.  All feature contemporary finishes and modern appliances along with state-of-the-art heating systems and sound insulation.  Nunastar’s on-site repair and maintenance team are on-call to address issues as they arise – seven days a week. Nunastar also has an ongoing renewal program to upgrade and modernize all suites.

Location: Experience “Life at your doorstep.” Astro Hill Centre is a vibrant, energetic hub of activity where visitors and locals live, eat, laugh, work, play, gather and experience the magic of northern living. Here you’ll find The Frob Kitchen & Eatery (casual fine dining), The Storehouse Bar and Grill, The Caribrew Cafe, The Astro Movie Theatre, Frobisher Inn Fitness Centre, Quickstop Convenience Store and NunaCash ATM. Astro Hill Landing is located on Iqaluit’s main commercial strip, and is across from the bustling Ventures Marketplace.

Security: No matter where in Canada you live, safety is a top priority. To put tenants’ minds at ease, all Astro Hill properties are protected by 24-hour security service – including advanced video surveillance systems covering the entire property. Our trained security personnel are on-call around the clock.