Accommodation Options - Unit Style

No matter your need, Nunastar has an accommodation option that is suited just for you. Contact us today for more detailed information.

Bachelor: Compact units catering to singles or frequent travellers in and out of Iqaluit.

Our Bachelor units are located in:

  • 8-Storey Apartment Building – Astro Hill

One-Bedroom: Four different one-bedroom styles with different locations and price points.

Our one bedroom units are located in:

  • 8-Storey Apartment Building – Astro Hill
  • 6-Storey apartment Building - Astro Hill
  • Building 700 - Creekside Village
  • Building 702 - Creekside Village

Two-Bedroom:  Suited for families or those with roommates, two bedroom options are available in both apartment-style or pet-friendly townhomes.

We have several two-bedroom options located in:

  • 8-Storey Apartment Building – Astro Hill
  • 100 Block Building - Creekside Village
  • 200 Block Building - Creekside Village 
  • 300 Block Building - Creekside Village 
  • 400 Block Building - Creekside Village 

The Creekside Village units are two-level townhomes, pet friendly and have direct to outside access. The 8-Storey Apartment Buildings units offer direct indoor access to the Astro Hill Mall.

Three & Four Bedrooms:  Larger units with direct to outside access and well suited for corporate staff accommodations.

  • We have a select number of three and four bedroom units available in Creekside Village, contact us directly for more detailed information on availability and rates.

Contact us for more information or to set up a tour.