Rental Information

Nunastar Properties Inc. owns and manages over apartment units in Iqaluit, Nunavut along with approximately 10,000 sq ft of commercial retail space.

If you are looking for current residential rental availability, please contact our Rentals Manager at 1-867-979-5558. For office or commercial rental space opportunities, please contact Mr. Don Sinclaire-Chenier at 1-867-979-5558 or at

Why Rent From Nunastar?

Convenience & Amenities

Nunastar’s apartments are located within or adjacent to the Astro Hill complex and offer unparalleled and completely indoor convenience and amenities in Iqaluit. Astro Hill provides an indoor link to the Frobisher Inn hotel, The Gallery restaurant, the Caribrew Cafe, The Storehouse Bar & Grill and a variety of commercial tenants including the Astro Hill movie theatre, and the Quick Stop Convenience Store. The Creekside Village units are only a five minute walk from these amenities.

The Astro Hill Complex also offers indoor connections to Government of Nunavut offices and the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The complex is also a short walking distance to the hospital, downtown offices, ArcticCollege the law courts and schools.

The Nanurjuk (6-Storey) and Tukturjuk (8-Storey) buildings are also handicap accessible.


Nunastar offers onsite 24 hour a day security along with a state-of-the-art video security system covering the entire property. Security personnel are on-call 24 hours a day. 

Upkeep and Maintenance

Nunastar’s on-site repairs and maintenance team are on-call to address facilities issues as they arise – seven days a week.  Nunastar also has an ongoing renewal program to upgrade all suites.  For example, a $2.5 million exterior renovation was completed recently at Creekside Village along with the complete internal refurbishment and modernization of several units every year.   Common area and other facility improvements are completed on an ongoing basis.