Where are your apartments  located in Iqaluit?

All of Nunastar’s rental units are part of the Astro Hill Complex in central Iqaluit.  All of our buildings are located within walking distance to downtown offices, shopping (NorthMart and Arctic Ventures), the hospital, schools and the law courts.


Are there many things to do close by?

The Astro Hill Complex offers many amenities near by and in particular has an indoor mall with direct inside access to the Frobisher Inn & Conference Centre, the Gallery restaurant, Caribrew Café, the Storehouse Bar & Grill, the NunaCash ATM, the Frobisher Inn Fitness Centre (with memberships available to the general public), the QuickStop Convenience Store and the Astro Movie Theatre.  There is a lot to do without going outside.

The WG Brown Office Building and the CBC Broadcasting Studios are also part of the Astro Hill Complex.


Is there shopping close by?

NorthMart and Arctic Ventures are the main stores for shopping in Iqaluit.  They sell most everything and are located within walking distance from the Astro Hill Complex.  Also, the QuickStop convenience store and the Caribrew Café are located within the Astro Hill Complex.


How much do the laundry machines cost?

There are common area washers and dryers in the 6-Storey and 8-Storey apartment buildings all machines take loonies.  Change is always available at the Nunastar Properties rental office which is located on the main floor of the 8-Storey building.

All of our Creekside Village rental units have in-suite washers and dryers


What is the security like in your buildings?

All of our apartment buildings are secure meaning that an access key fob is required for entry into the building and for elevator access.  As well, key fob entry is required after 8 pm for the main Astro Hill mall.

Nunastar also has 24 hour a day, seven day a week manned security coverage.  All of our buildings are covered by a video surveillance system and this is supplemented by manned security patrols in the evenings and overnight.


What type of units do you have available for rent?

Nunastar can meet the rental needs for most anybody.  We offer bachelor, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or four bedroom apartments or townhomes for rent.  We have 246 apartment style units and 98 townhome units available for rent.


What’s the easiest way to get around town?

Astro Hill is centrally located and is within walking distance of most major amenities.  Taxis are also very plentiful at a cost of $6 per person regardless of distance or the number people in the taxi.


Are there any fitness facilities near by?

The Frobisher Inn is part of the Astro Hill Complex and the hotel operates the Frobisher Inn Fitness Centre.  This fitness centre has treadmills, bikes and elliptical trainers as well as free weights and areas for stretching.  Memberships are available to the general public – check at the Frobisher Inn front desk for more information.